Beav’s Corner: The Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook and Coffee Cup Shots

There’s many things that slightly irritate me. I can’t say I’m enraged in life as Ball Licker Bill is, but there’s just a few things that i would like to get off my chest once in a while. And since I’m doing a million things at once during the radio show, I never get everything that’s on my mind out in the open. So why not take it to the internets…ya?

One of my recent pet peeves is the over-posted ‘Instagram’ shots of coffee cups. Good lord, we get it: you like coffee. But I really don’t think it’s the fact that you are tired and this is your savior, as much as you want to connect with the millions of other people that have done it already. I get it, it’s a fad. But really, its been done a million times over. Move on already.

How many times do i need to see a Starbucks cup of coffee with a cool & hip filter added to it. I might as well take a picture of my car keys or toothbrush. And it’s even worse now that Facebook bought Instagram. Now I get to see even more shots of coffee cups in my daily feed. Awesome.

If your response is, “Well if you hate it so much, don’t check your feed anymore.” Seriously, Im close to that. The question of ‘Why do I still have a Facebook page?’ goes through my head more and more everyday. But I will admit, without a Facebook page and the keeping up with the daily feed, there is a serious disconnect from the outside world. It’s pretty scary and pathetic isn’t it? I do like to stay up on current events, buzzworthy news, and what my oversea friends are up to. Something as easy as one-click and finding all of that out in 5-10 minutes saves me a lot of time…as opposed to visiting multiple viral sites, news sites, and emailing a hundred people everyday. So that’s my justification of keeping the page and fueling the addiction to check it everyday. Plus the promotional tool that it provides is still the best out there. I’m even gonna bet you’re reading this right now because of finding it on Facebook.

So yes, it’s a love and hate relationship that I’m sure I’m not the only one going through. The only thing I can do is except it and venti. (Get it? Vent-i)…okay I’m done.